Up On the Rooftop Holiday Gathering 2019

What a blast!

Over the next six month period, Scotty and I are producing a series of special events to launch our Garden She Shed division of Seelos Design and Construction.

Last Sunday, for our first event titled – “Up On The Roof Top”- we had a Christmas holiday theme. WE invited only 15 exclusive clients that were hand selected to partake in this special day of FUN and friendly competition. We created a series of gingerbread villages that were absolutely charming and colorful. For first prize, we gave away a 3′ long snickers bar. And yes, we had a tie! So naturally we split the 3′ snickers bar, actually Scotty sawed it in half.

What a memorable day we had celebrating and honoring our past and present clients!

We are so excited to create the next event this coming Spring were we will be building mini garden boxes. That gathering will be larger since our backyard garden can accommodate more people. As you know, I love doing crafts and puzzles. I love creating fun events, and of course, I love making people HAPPY.

Happy Holidays everyone!