Renewal and Hope

I was recently asked to create a solution for this overgrown garden embankment up in Cypress Ridge. I was asked to come up with a new vision, a renewal of this landscape and provide some hope for the existing majestic Redwood trees. Perfect timing for the New Year! A renewal of growth and life!

My heart ached for the stressed, and struggling Redwood trees. The lack of rain has been detrimental to all our trees; I knew to save them was paramount. Off to the drawing boards I went, and then shared the design intent with the owner. WE moved forward with the project quickly.

Today the embankment is cleared of the overgrown Ceanothus. The rigid, formal boxwood hedge is completely eliminated and the wayward ornamental grasses have been eradicated. The Redwoods remain intact, and have been pampered for the last two weeks. Slow deep waterings, a fresh bed of mulch and careful tending, the Redwoods remain standing tall. In time, I hope they will survive the drought.

Within a few more weeks, the rest of the garden will be transformed, and I will be glad to share the results.