Designing Another She Shed!

Scotty and I love the initial meetings with our clients. This is when we get to listen and to understand and  figure out what our clients hope are for the remodel, or landscape. We embark on a new adventure with them. And we get to create an overall plan. Our  intention, of course, is to exceed our clients hopes, dreams and expectation.  As Scotty and I delve into the creative process of design,we become energized with the potential and possibilities of the project at hand.

I am especially thrilled about this upcoming project. We are creating another GARDEN SHE SHED within a master landscape plan.

I want to share the very beginning design process; the images and the sketch work for the conceptual landscape garden plan. The overall layout  of the garden is orchestrated with a variety of pathways, patios, gateways and the major tree canopies to create the best possible circulation and layout for the garden.

The shape of the property is a challenge.  The placement of  the Garden She Shed is really critical. The property is adjacent to a creek which makes the setting lush and WILD. The best location for this Garden She Shed is not in the corner of the property, but rather it will be placed at the connection point between the adjacent creek and the main home.

It is a perfect beginning.

Enjoy these initial images and sketches!