A “Classy” ADA Bathroom Remodel

Updating this bathroom was an absolute delight!

Getting to know our clients ADA needs and her personality, was the most important element for this bathroom remodel. The original black wall paper and small corner shower unit was not only very outdated, but it was unusable for our client. The layout and design did not address the clients ADA needs at all.

So we went to work!

The DESIGN needed to be wheelchair accessible; functional.

The STYLE needed to be just as classy as our client’s personality.

Why not make this ADA bathroom beautiful, and classy as well, to match our clients amazing personality? This is exactly what we accomplished.

Creating a large, corner barrier free (roll-in) shower, the new design layout serves her practical needs. The black and white diamond floor pattern easily flows from the main bathroom area directly into the shower area. With a silvery, grey color palette for the walls and a very classic black and white tile design, this bathroom remodel perfectly showcases that function and style can absolutely be elegantly blended together. Absoltuely!